This website is an aggregation of selected feeds to represent projects as they are developping. Versioning systems (git) and content feeds (atom / RSS) from other publication spaces are brought together to show different facets of the practice.

Colm O'Neill (IE) Colm is a designer and researcher working in Carlow (IE) Rotterdam (NL) and Brussels. His work is concerned with mediations of digital literacy through graphical, user and programmatic interfaces. The research and practice that result follow the ideals of free and open source development models.

MA Networked Media from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam / Graphic Design BA from ENSAV La Cambre Brussels. Member of Open Source Publishing.

    — layout

    Sell your house and buy gold

  • 2013, self edited
  • Pictures take during two different sessions at the Cocqueries d’Anderlues —Charleroi— Belgium in 2012 and 2013
  • Typeset in Absara Thin Regular and italique a font by Xavier Dupré.
  • Printed by AJM Print —Ixelles— Brussels Belgium.
    Free Art Licence
Sell your house and buy gold, 2013, self edited

    — layout

    Cahiers typo

  • 2014,
  • Garamond, Base900, Souvenir
Cahiers, 2014

    — layout

    16 case stories, re-imagining the practice of layout

  • for LGRU, with OSP 2013
  • Co-position starts from the urge to rethink page lay-out software from scratch. We felt that lay-out is maybe too path dependent in its way of mimicking 600 years of moveable type practices (and maybe even beyond).
16 case stories, reimagining the practice of layout. LGRU, 2013

Posters and imagery

    — graphic design

    posters, images, infographics

  • various projects:
  • brussels film festival, la foire du livre, Visual Grammar, images for drawing curved (with P. Huyghebaert), research maps, animated graph viz


web design / web development redesign & new front end July 2018 view on gitlab content migration and redesing January 2018 read the blogpost or view on gitlab backend, design & front end by V. Janssens view on github full site design and development with V. Janssen and E. Hendricks front end design for tentwelve. for and with Clare Breen, full design and development (Pelican SSG) view on gitlab


    — research projects

    writing and research

  • Research projects past and present. Visit project sites for more information. co authored with P. Huyghebaert and Femke Sneltings

Drawing Curved is a collection of texts and images concerned with digital curvature. It seeks to understand when a curve starts to be tangible, or what might give a sense that they can or can't be handled. What makes a curve smooth? When does it seem appropriate to interrupt it?

∴ say ⌢ do
This research project intends to highlight the importance of different modes of address; the term modes of address can be explained as: the way we talk. In the case of a service, a device or a tool; the way it talks. I must also consider the theme in the perspective of the tone of the writings for my research, so is this pages genesis.

Adversarial interfaces is a critical analysis the rhetoric of certain user interfaces. With this analysis and critique the project proposes ways (see menu items) by which to practically and discursively adapt our understandings of computer and network infrastructures in the aim of resisting seamless integrations of software and interfaces as totalitised spaces with no alternatives and no outsides.