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Colm O'Neill (IE) Colm is a designer and researcher working in Carlow (IE) Rotterdam (NL) and Brussels. His work is concerned with mediations of digital literacy through graphical, user and programmatic interfaces. The research and practice that result follow the ideals of free and open source development models.

MA Networked Media from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam / Graphic Design BA from ENSAV La Cambre Brussels. Member of Open Source Publishing.

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  • I have identified

    • dnsmasq
    • hostapd

    as services to possibly stop, but I'm looking for info as to what other configurations were made to the pi ideally.

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  • Hi all,

    I'm preparing to bring a etherbox setup to a short residency program I will attend soon here in Ireland. Super pleased to discover the ready .iso image for dd-ing. It works great and I have the full stack working.

    The documentation is plentiful, but I'm looking to extend the range of the network using a openWRT router. I can't seem to find info on what / how the hotspot is created on the pi alone. I'm looking here mostly: maybe there is somewhere else to check ?

    I'm assuming I could 'simply' (famous last words) deactivate the hotspot generating service and manage access to the ehterbox via the router after that ? Any ideas off the top of your heads what that service or tool is called ?

    Thanks a million;

    All the best !


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  • colmoneill (4fceb730) at 21 Oct 19:19

    update link to actual collaborative-love-song VISUAL page

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  • colmoneill (ab9a5885) at 21 Oct 19:14

    update README to include installation images

    ... and 1 more commit

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  • colmoneill (1d3df818) at 15 Oct 21:54

    matomo vs piwik

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  • colm (471c0b17) at 11 Oct 15:02

    flips the filter arrow according to the toggle

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  • Contact info is now in the about page, but I leave this issue open to keep the question of the sub domains open

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adversarial interfaces

Adversarial interfaces is a critical analysis the rhetoric of certain user interfaces. With this analysis and critique the project proposes ways (see menu items) by which to practically and discursively adapt our understandings of computer and network infrastructures in the aim of resisting seamless integrations of software and interfaces as totalitised spaces with no alternatives and no outsides.

The title of this site and project appends the idea of Adversarial Design to interfaces. At its core this project exists as an expression of a need for agonism in the field of user interface design.

Adversarial design: (Carl DiSalvo) a type of political design that evokes and engages political issues. Adversarial Design does the work in expressing and enabling agonism.

Agonism: (Chantal Mouffe) a political theory that emphasises the potentially positive aspects of certain forms of political conflic.

Adversarial interfaces is research in progress. This sites first itteration exists to mark a point at the finalisation of a masters degree in media design and communication by Colm O'Neill.

The following list is a feed of latest updates from the research website itself:

OSP makes graphic design using only free and open source software—pieces of software that invite their users to take part in their elaboration. The OSP caravan comprises a group of individuals from different background and practices: typography, graphic design, cartography, programming, mathematics, writing, performance.

from the OSP blog

Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) June, 2019


Report written by our friend Manetta Berends from Varia

It was a last minute decision to join this year’s LGM. Until the very last moment we weren’t sure if we could make it. In the end Stéphanie, Ludi, Pierre and I (Manetta) joined on the Friday and followed …



Plotting svg with machines

Extracting OSM data for SVG use.

I've been meaning to document my OSM to SVG process for a while now, I just had to run the process again recently, so here was a new chance to take screenshots along the way. The basic idea is to process a portion of …

Balsa modes d'emploi


Septième saison associés avec le Théatre de la Balsamine! Et pour celle-ci, sous le signe obligé mais d'une certaine jouissance, l'arte povera numérique d'OSP en auteur visuel et à l'écriture de modes d'emploi. Déplier une table pliante, bricoler un piège à mouche, tenir les voiles pendant la tempête, nouer ses …

Soap slides in the sun


Another type of tool practice.

Bram Crevits


Algue Print Brussels

It is with great sadness that we learned of the unexpected death of our board member Bram Crevits.

We will miss Bram’s energy and his persistent interest in the parcours of OSP. We first met him in 2009, as director of the Cimatics festival for which we made a …

Dirty variables workshop


Dirty variables workshop is about variable fonts with some distance and manual interpolation (with stroke fonts inside), with La Cambre master students in type media, Brussels, on the 26 + 27 March 2018.

We are using Fonttools and the ttx format, which is a clear xml dump of every table present …

L'édition comme l'expérience


Gijs and me joined L'édition comme expérience at La Villa Arson last week. Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th of March, two days to thread relations from Other ways, Consciousness raising to Montessori's esthetic, au pays de Célestin Freinet.

In parallel to the conferences and library books speaking, we crashed into …