Photography finals project

Don't judge me, this is pretty old. My finals project at the end of photography school.

Considering the school I attended to learn photography was extremely technical, the finals project was an opportunity to go against previous types of assignments, and try something totally different.

I was attracted by the idea of setting up a shot rather that going out to look for something that is happening. Obviously much more time consuming and in many ways harder than what I was used to, but aesthetically enabled the control I felt like I was looking for, and eventually let me install narratives, being in control of what the pictures said instead of just reporting street views.

Looking back at these pictures, I remember this narrative aspect I had to defend, introducing symbols into the pictures, trying to tell stories, and people just not clicking. I had obviously bitten off more than I could chew. Yet, greatly inspired by movie cinematography, it's not surprising that I ended up with a set of references like Gregory Crewdson, Mareen Fishinger, Erwin Olaf or Brook Reynolds. Each of which made me feel out of my depth, and constantly thinking I had punched over my weight, but I had great support in school and I felt like I was doing something very different from other pupils so that alone was good enough. The photographers mentioned seemed to be in reach, accessible, they would publish short making-of and behind the scenes pictures of their work. I headed straight into it.

I can't say I am as proud of the pictures today, but I do think of this project as the reason I went on to more 'direct' communication in graphic design. It was an important turning point, and I feel like the confusing nature of the set below is a good reminder of where I've come from.

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