It’s been a long day.

Confusion in archives. Full on panic time in work, yet I write and not work.

Originally posted on February 26th 2012

Strange faded feelings again, as I answer a really tough email. This week has been dually amazing and devastating while still trying to pick pieces up. And I wonder why I’m writing here and not privately.

Several areas of my occupations fusing in a weird manor, that I am not comfortable with, again wondering why these sentences remain subjectless as opposed to factual.

Lots of work done last week, in areas that should not have taken up such time. And consequently less work done in/for school. Turning point tomorrow for which I am not ready. Yet I write and not work.

I quit my job as a waiter/bartender this week, with a certain pride, might I add. While I value and appreciate most of the workers there, there is something very unhealthy about working & being there. And the way it is run. One week left then money economy operation begins.

I must follow these thoughts of extruding my ways and more generally my doing toward something more respectful. The workings of my surrounding environment disturb be more and more, mainly in their overall selfishness.

There are may projects underway and I seem to be on top of most of them, surprisingly, with regards to the people that I work with/for.

I do of course wonder if all this is really worth the effort, considering I barely have time to explore anymore. I might also need to rethink my time-managing.

I need some sleep. It’s been a long day.

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