I hate SMS.

Rambling on about why I think SMS is a horrible way of communicating, expecting immediate response, whatever you are doing.

I really don't like text messages. I feel like it's a stupid way of communicating.

Here it is: I wish that if someone needed to talk to me that they would call. I'm not saying I'll answer that call straight off, but I'll see that you need to get in touch with me. And I'll gladly call you back ASAP.

A text message is a terrible way of communicating. I vision SMS as someone barging in, yelling a bunch of questions at me, then demanding an immediate response. I can't stand text messages. It's not any different because it's a discrete vibration on the phone, the sender is still tends to expect a rapid response

I'll typically get a text, might even see it straight off, but 90% of time, I'm not in any position to answer by typing on a tiny keyboard requiring two hands and most of my attention. What I mean is yes, in the middle of a meeting, nobody answers, but while walking, while in the bus, while on my bike, I can't answer you either. Nor do I want to. Again, if the question is important you'll call, right?

And so I forget about texts. And some people really hate me for it. They really do get mad because I forget to answer their message, but was it really that important to start off with? Was it really something you needed the answer to? If it was then why didn't you call? Why was it not worth 1 minute of us actually hearing each other's voices, and actually having a nicer warmer conversation over the phone about whatever you needed from me? Heck, we might even talk more then one minute, and actually have an actual chat, where I can actually hear how you're doing, what you're up to, etc.

I hate text messages. That goes for all the alternatives smartphones have brought on also. They are even worse: why would you use the IM services if I'm in the same country as you? CALL ME! Or even send me a text, at least that way I see that our communicating is worth 2 cents of your money. Just a little consideration.

Just a little consideration.

You can't just invade my day with a text message then get annoyed when I don't answer. We've both agreed to use phones, not agreed to drop everything we're doing to answer one an other.

Later edit: Just also realised that if it is actually called Short Messaging Service, it is, and always has been meat to be a unidirectional service. It's not a Short Dialog Service.


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